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For Course Creators, Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Experts, Professionals:

"How We Use Low-Priced Mini Courses To Enroll High-Level Clients That Pay At Prices Like $1,000 To $5,000 Each..."

Without Doing 1-To-1 Consults, Old School Webinars And Tiring Product Launches - And Best Of All: No Need To Write Your Own, No Need To Be A Subject Expert... And Still Automate The Process!

Backed By 60 Day Ironclad Guarantee. 100% Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Checkout.

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The Unusual Way To Sell Online Courses And Enroll People Into Higher-End Programs (That No One Is Talking About!)

From the keyboard of Zam Man & Edmund Loh
Location: sunny side Singapore

Dear Entrepreneur,

Does this sound like you?

You find it takes too long to make your own online Course or program - and this has you in a limbo for weeks or months on end...
You are second guessing if the topic you chose is profitable - or if zero people in the world are interested in it...
You couldn't get people to buy into your Course because you don't know where to find them, and how to get them interested...
You don't know how to get Clients to pay you thousands of dollars, and wonder if you're even worthy or qualified in the first place...
You tried giving away your Course for free and hope people like it, but instead wind up with tire kickers and non-action takers...
You tried doing webinars and people sign up but aren't really attending, let alone stay until the end...
You don't want to do phone calls and 1-to-1 meetings because let's be honest, this is a huge limitation and time is becoming a premium nowadays...
You're sick and fed up of struggling to make money online consistently and profitably, and wonder if you're even cut out for this at all...

But you want to...

Sell your Courses like hot cakes - around the clock!
Have people consume your content and diligently follow your training and program, from start to end...
Spread your core message and be a force of good to your tribe...
Be seen as an Authority Figure in your niche, and that people hang onto your every word...
Get dream Clients that are excited to work with you closely - and that they are qualified and ready to invest thousands of dollars with you!
Remove undeserving freeloaders and time wasters from your business and community...
Automate the sales process so it works with or without you...
Open up more opportunities from your Course like Licensing, Done For You services, and more...
Develop the Midas touch so you can help other Content Creators through Joint Ventures and Partnerships - and make money together...
And be the hunted instead of having to hunt desperately for opportunities and income...


You should be. And this is the game-changer you've been looking for.

How Is COURSE CREATOR MASTERCLASS DIFFERENT From Everything You've Tried Before?

Before this discovery, we found ourselves ensnared in a cycle of struggle and frustration.

Despite our passion for e-learning, not only did we struggle to design Courses (months of my time poured into this) we faced an uphill battle in selling them. We tried selling at $1,000... then $500... then $200... but no one seemed to want to join.

I even experimented with giving away for free, and hope people will like me and my Course. You can guess how disappointed I was when my enthusiasm was not reciprocated - I was signing up a bunch of entitled people who didn't start my Course, let alone finish it.

In other words: I was attracting a bunch of tire kickers.

Because of that, no one even learned of my other programs and higher level stuff that I intended to show.

And even when Edmund tried 1-to-1 phone sales with these leads (yeah, we were THAT desperate) they showed no interest or said they couldn't afford it. Basically, a conversation ender.

That was when we arrived at an epiphany:

Those who pay, pay attention. Those who don't, won't.

This made us question how everyone else is marketing their Courses.

After some digging and being a little nosey, imagine our surprise when we found out...

Many Other Fellow Course Creators Struggle With The Same Problem!

This includes even those hailed as Gurus (no name dropping, to respect their privacy) grappled with similar challenges.

Thus it became evident that the landscape had evolved significantly compared to several years ago, demanding a fresh approach.

Now we're not exactly geniuses, but we concocted this idea:


At this point, we've got nothing to lose. And if anything, it's just another experiment to try.

So we deliberately slashed our Main Course prices below the industry standard - from the usual $300 to $500 price tags down to low 2 digits.

Yes, a Course that was supposed to sell for $500... $300 perhaps... we slashed it down to prices like 20-something, 30-something bucks.

At this point, some people might be quick to accuse us of "spoiling the market"...

But wait, THERE'S MORE...!

Instead of a several-hours long Course, we streamlined it down to under a couple of hours running time tops.

We got rid of all our free 'lead magnets' and focused 100% on acquiring paid Customers, albeit at a low entry price.

Our rationale is two-fold:

1. Get only serious people in. At least, committed enough to make a token investment of some kind, and 

2. At a relatively shorter running time, the completion rate for the Course is significantly HIGHER.

"Okay, But Selling A Bunch Of 20-Something Dollar Courses Isn't Gonna Make You Rich..."

And you're right.

This is where the next part comes in:

Because now we've got mainly Paid Customers that are more committed to take and complete the Course, they are also in a more ready state for our other Courses and even higher level Programs.

Granted, this means less 'leads' upfront - but the small pool of PAID Course takers is more profitable than a sea of non-action taking freeloaders.

And the numbers prove it - time and again...

Even if you have no intention of coming up with several thousand something dollar Offers, I think we can agree this is still not bad...

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: when we show this, please understand this is OUR results. It's not an implication you'll get the exact same, because there's a multitude of factors like your Offer, messaging, pricing, target audience, even your commitment... things like that. What we show is what this specific process and strategy has yielded for us. 🙂

The bottom-line is this: we find the take-up rate from Paid Course students to higher level programs that charge thousands of dollars is many times HIGHER compared to someone who is 'cold' and hasn't spent a cent at all...


Once in a while, we'd revisit the "free lead magnet" model to see if it works or not... maybe we tried at a time when the market was 'down'...


The best Customers we get... The best Clients we get... majority of them come from initially buying into the low-ticket Courses.

And those that come from free lead magnet funnels, don't talk about spending money... the email open rates were a dismal 1 digit!

We know we are not alone in this.

Because of that, COURSE CREATOR MASTERCLASS is made so you get to 'swipe' our strategy...

Introducing Course Creator Masterclass

COURSE CREATOR MASTERCLASS is an unorthodox approach to create easy-to-consume online Courses, with the goal of enrolling students into higher level programs where you charge $1,000 to $5,000 each.

We use readily available A.I. tools that are free or low-cost to produce these courses fast, with running time of usually 2 hours or under.

This becomes a fast track 'education' for your students to develop high awareness and high readiness for your high level programs and services.

And unlike other 'course creation' methods in the market, we discovered a way to do this without the need to have certs, credentials, being a subject expert, or writing from scratch for that matter.

We give the strategy, framework, templates, and script so you can be up and running with this business model in minutes from now.

We also show where and how to enroll qualified, targeted students to your Mini Courses.

7 Core Modules Included:

Course Creator Masterclass


Unique strategy to sell mini-style Online Courses at affordable prices, then move students to buy into your higher-level stuff at higher prices.

Instant High Ticket Programs


Source for premium programs that pay 3 and 4 digit commissions, so you don't even have to be the expert or render those services.

Crash Course Copywriting


Proven format and formula to sell your Courses. We give you the frame work and scripts to follow along.

Speedy Course Creation Using A.I.


Not some robotic-sounding B.S. We're talking quality stuff that people follow and make you look good.

Where To Host Your Mini Course


And how to set this up on a shoe-string budget (no need for a bunch of complex and costly software.)

Email Sequence To Nurture Your Tribe


Get people to consume your content, so you can easily qualify them into your higher-end stuff.

Where To Find Paid Course Students


And how to enroll them in using proven zero-cost and low-cost methods.


This unique strategy to sell mini-style Online Courses at affordable prices, then 'graduate' your students up the ladder so they also buy into your higher-level stuff at prices like $1,000 to $5,000 each.
How to identify hot, profitable topics that are here to stay and for a long time to come (we also give you a list - see bonus below).
Where and how to source for instant premium programs that pay 3 and 4 digit commissions, so you don't even have to be the expert or render those services.
Crash course copywriting to sell your Mini Course - we give you a frame work to follow along.
How to produce your Course fast using A.I. - no, not some robotic, academic-sounding B.S. We're talking quality stuff that people want to follow, make you look good, and do away with copyright issues.
Where to host your Course and how to set this up on a shoe-string budget of easily under $50 a month (no need for a bunch of complex, costly and cumbersome software.)
Specific email sequence to get people to consume your content, nurtured into your tribe so you can easily qualify them into your higher-end stuff...
Speaking of 'higher-end stuff': create more opportunities for cross-sells and done-for-you so you GET PAID MORE (and your Course students will happily do so!)
Where to enroll paid course students and how to get them in using zero-cost and low-cost methods
Get start today... and accomplish all these within the next few days instead of months, years or never at all!
And much more - the cool thing is: you can do this without being a subject expert, chase certificates and qualifications, or grinding hard on content...

Backed By 60 Day Ironclad Guarantee. 100% Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Checkout.

Start Your Training In The Next Few Minutes.

What This Means To You?

First, no more:

Wasting weeks or months creating a Course that nobody follows
Wasting even more time chasing and obtaining 'credentials'
Begging people to join by giving away for free (yet don't appreciate)
Desperate phone sales calls to enroll unqualified people into your programs


You can churn out fast mini courses that people can easily follow, complete and have fun!
You can spread your core message to your audience,
You can reserve your valuable time and energy for serious action takers and the committed,
You can enroll people into higher level stuff without being personally involved in the process,
You will be seen and celebrated as an authority figure,
And the cool part? You can repeat this blueprint in any niche, and more Course Creators will also want to work with you!

If you are an Author, Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Professional, or want to turn intellectual property into profits, and do it profitably and scalable... then this workshop is for you.

Get start today... and accomplish all these within days instead of months, years or never at all!

And much more - the cool thing is: you can do this without being a subject expert, chase certificates and qualifications, or grinding hard on content.


We are keeping COURSE CREATOR MASTERCLASS affordable.

We mulled over the $297 price tag, and hey this is a small price to pay for what can turn into a million dollar Online Business, or multi-six figures if I'm being modest.

Will you trade $297 for $100,000? Sure you would.

While not an absolute guarantee (because anyone with a sensible mind knows results are never typical), our promise is you'll get access to the blueprint as used by top Course sellers and content creators (we explain more on the guarantee below...)


For selfish reasons, we want COURSE CREATOR MASTERCLASS to reach more hands - so we've decided to "move a decimal point"... somewhat.

We've talked the talk, so we walk the walk.

Instead of the initial intended price tag of $297, we are making access available at a paltry sum of only $27.

Enough to help us maintain this website and put on worthwhile updates every now and then.


Simple. We are making this deal on the idea that you'll be WOW'ed by the immense value we are giving you today, and that you'll want to check out what else we have in store for you.

That's our intention, no pretention.

Getting access is easy.

Click on the order button below, and make your payment via our secure server. After that, you can sign into the members area and start your first module right away.

The recordings are all in the members area, so you can watch at anytime.


Backed By 60 Day Ironclad Guarantee

100% Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Checkout

"What Else Am I Getting?"

So you want some Bonuses. Yep, thought as much.

How about this - when you get COURSE CREATOR MASTERCLASS, we'll throw in these goodies that you can snap up at no extra cost:

FAST ACTION BONUS #1: Course Creator Check List And Rolodex

Our private go-to resource in building your Online Course business.

($97 Value - Now Included FREE!)

FAST ACTION BONUS #2: Hot Course Topics List

No idea what Course to create? That's precisely why I made THIS for you. Get our list of time-tested and profitable topics so you can pick and choose.

($97 Value - Now Included FREE!)

FAST ACTION BONUS #3: Updates To Training

The Course isn't static. The Internet changes, and so do we. Good news is: the overall strategy is sound and solid, and when we make updates to the Course, you get to enjoy them without paying extra.

($297 Value - Now Included FREE!)

FAST ACTION BONUS #4: FB Group Community

Join our growing tribe of like minded Course Creators and Value Rockstars.

($197 Value - Now Included FREE!)

FAST ACTION BONUS #5: Course Licensing Hack

Not an exaggeration, because what if I also show you how to license your Digital Course and sell at such prices, and this takes up just 30 to 60 minutes of your time to set it up?

($5,000 Value? Now Included FREE!)

You Don't Have To Say "Yes". Just "Maybe" Will Do.

Because we are staking our reputation on this program with a generous 60 days ironclad guarantee "or it's your money back".

How this works is simple: get your access to COURSE CREATOR MASTERCLASS today and for the next 60 days, go through the program and implement everything we have to share.

You have ample time to make back at least what you've invested in this Course. Just 1 sale and this pays itself. Every sale you make after this is PROFIT.

And if this doesn't meet your expectations for some reason? No hard feelings, contact us by email, let us know and we'll buy this back from you fuss-free. And hey, the Bonuses are yours to keep as a token of trying. We are assuming the risk for you, so you don't have to.


You must ACT RIGHT NOW - no promises that we'll keep COURSE CREATOR MASTERCLASS at such a low price forever. Because of its immense value, we plan to raise the price if and when we see fit.

To get started, click on the order button below, go to the secure checkout page, enter your payment details, and you will get instant access to even if it's midnight there.

Yes Zam, I Want To Join The Course Creator Masterclass!

Included In Your Order:

Course Creator Masterclass
How To Get Instant High Ticket Programs For Big Profits
Crash Course Copywriting To Sell Your Mini Course
Speedy Course Creation Using AI
Where To Host Your Mini Course
Email Sequence To Nurture And Grow Your Tribe
Where To Find, How To Enroll Paid Course Students
Fast Action Bonus 1: Course Creator Check List And Rolodex
Fast Action Bonus 2: Hot Course Topics List
Fast Action Bonus 3: Regular Updates To Training
Fast Action Bonus 4: FB Group Community
Fast Action Bonus 5: Course Licensing Hack To Sell $1,000 To $5,000 Each

Regular Price $297
Today Only $27

Special Discount This Month! Use This Coupon Code In Checkout Page To Save 30%: HALFTIME24


Backed By 60 Day Ironclad Guarantee

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P.S. The TL,DR Version...

In case you scroll all the way down here:

If you want to know how to create Courses on demand, have more students and enroll them to higher prices into the thousands of dollars, then you will absolutely love COURSE CREATOR MASTERCLASS.

COURSE CREATOR MASTERCLASS shows you how to do all these without the need for presentation charisma, ninja technical skill, and even a massive capital.

While this is created for Course sellers, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, and Professionals, you don't need to be an existing expert with a ton of credentials and titles to implement this.

Originally, I've had a $297 price tag in mind for COURSE CREATOR MASTERCLASS. But for a limited time only I am opening the doors at a special introductory discounted price of just $27.

PLUS you get to sweep all the Bonuses you see on this page at no extra cost.

Don't forget! Your purchase is also protected by my 100% satisfaction guarantee for the next 60 days, so you have nothing to lose. You only need to give yourself a chance to try this out.

But you must ACT NOW - click on the order button below, and see you inside!


Backed By 60 Day Ironclad Guarantee

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Questions & Answers

Q: Give me the run down. What am I getting?

A: You get access to the Course Creator Masterclass, an online workshop that's already available in the members area. You can watch the first training module within minutes after making payment.

The course is a combination of hosted videos - organized into modules - and downloadable templates, scripts and framework.

And for a limited time, you also get all the Bonuses mentioned on this page at no extra cost.

Q: What if I'm not an expert on any subject? Is this still for me?

A: The Course Creator Masterclass model breaks that limitation whereby one needs to be a public figure, expert with many years of experience, or hold degrees and certifications.

While there are *very few* topics that may require that, for the most part it is not. We give you a list of hot topics that are profitable and doesn't require any of the above, and you don't have to "fake it till you make it".

Q: Do I need to set aside a lot of time to make this work?

A: Course Creator Masterclass is designed to be concise and can be completed within a couple of hours. Even if you're employed or have a full-time business, you can put in a few hours every week to build your mini Course business.

We also show you how to leverage on AI, outsource your business ops and automate the business via tools so it's humanly possible to run and profit even as a one-person entrepreneur.

Q: Is there a time limit to the Course?

A: Your access to Course Creator Masterclass is permanent (life of the membership). There is no sneaky recurring billing, only a one-time payment.

Q: Will there be any support?

A: Yes, we encourage you to use our FB Group Community so you can ask questions!

Q: Do you have a guarantee? Am I actually going to make income from this Course?

A: I need to level with you... in business, just like in life, there are no guarantees. You can make a million dollars or you can make nothing.

How much you make depends on things like your commitment, how fast you learn and execute, the industry or niche you are in, pricing, your current circumstances... just some to name.

However, there is one guarantee I can make, and that is you will get access to the complete training in Course Creator Masterclass and everything else mentioned on this page.

Your purchase is protected by my 100% satisfaction guarantee in the next 60 days so you don't have anything to lose, you only need to give yourself a chance to make this work.

Q: I have questions about COURSE CREATOR MASTERCLASS not yet addressed.

A: Sure thing! Just drop us an email at optimagain@gmail.com with subject line "Course Creator Masterclass Question".


Backed By 60 Day Ironclad Guarantee

100% Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Checkout

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